Terms and Conditions Rent A Bike Lelystad

Article 1 – Rent

The rent is paid on the basis of the applicable rates at the time of entering into the lease. The rates are listed on rentabikelelystad.nl, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Article 2 – Payment

1 The total rental amount of the contract must be paid in cash, by payment request (Tikkie) or PayPal, prior to the rental period. Unless otherwise agreed in writing.

2 The deposit must be paid in advance in cash, per payment request (Tikkie) or PayPal, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Rent A Bike Lelystad reserves the right not to refund (part of) the deposit if the tenant cannot transfer the rented material to Rent A Bike Lelystad in time or the rented material is returned damaged. If damage to the material exceeds the deposit, Rent A Bike Lelystad shall lodge a claim for the damage as referred to in Article 5, deducting the deposit.

3 If, for any reason, the renter cannot use the bicycle(s), Rent A Bike Lelystad has no liability for the resulting costs and damages.

4 In the case referred to in the previous paragraph, the tenant will be required to pay the full rent and any other amounts indicated in the (de)account, unless he proves in relation to the rental sum that the failure to use the bicycle(s) was a result of a defect that was already present at the start of the rental period.

Article 3 – Rental period

1 The rental period is the period between the times of commencement and of surrender as stated in the lease.

2 Renewal of the rental period can only take place after the consent of Rent A Bike Lelystad at the rates that were agreed in writing between Rent A Bike Lelystad and the tenant at that time.

3 Interim surrender of the bicycle(s) means that the lease ends without the right to reduce the rent specified in the lease or the rent increase for renewal.

4 The bicycle(s) must be handed in at the address of Rent A Bike Lelystad or ready at the discussed location, at the time that has been agreed.

5 If the rental period as discussed in paragraph 1 is overwritten because the bike(s) are not returned to the address of Rent A Bike Lelystad in time or can be picked up, the rent will continue until the time the bike (s) is handed in or has been received by Rent A Lelystad Bike, at the rates listed on rentabikelelystad.nl.

6 Without prejudice to the provisions of the previous paragraph, Rent A Bike Lelystad shall in that case have the right to terminate the lease without judicial intervention and to claim the return of the bicycle(s) without delay or to take it back wherever and where the bicycle(s) are located. Rent A Bike Lelystad also has this power if the tenant does not comply with any conditions of the lease.

Article 4 – Use

1 The bicycle(s) may (may) be used only in accordance with their normal destination and by the tenant himself. The bicycle(s) must be handed in in the state in which the bicycle(s) was received.

2 The tenant should take good care of the bicycle(s). For example, the tenant must take all precautions against damage, loss or theft. The bike must be stored indoors at all times, with the bike (s) standing free or hanging.

3 Transport of the bicycle(s) is only permitted by means of a bicycle carrier and therefore never in the car itself, unless written permission has been given by Rent A Bike Lelystad.

The bicycle(s) may not be used in any case in the dunes and on the beach, if paved paths and/or roads cannot be used.

4 If the bike is not returned to the same condition (defects, mud, sand, etc.) Rent A Bike Lelystad is entitled at all times to withhold at least € 15 from the deposit as maintenance costs.

Article 5 – Damage, loss, theft, injury, risk and liability

1 The renter is liable for damage to or loss of the bicycle(s) or parts thereof, including the other rented material, at amounts determined by Rent A Bike Lelystad to normal standards, unless they are listed in the lease below the daily value. The bicycle (s) is (are) not insured against liability or airframe damage.

2 The tenant rents the bike and accessories entirely at his own risk. Rent A Bike Lelystad is therefore not responsible for any personal injury to persons or for damage to the tenant’s private property. The tenant fully assumes the legal liability for any damage caused by, or because of, the tenant to himself or to third parties and will safeguard the landlord for this.

Article 6 – Costs during rental period

All charges and taxes relating to the bicycle(s) are on behalf of the tenant. Similarly, all costs are associated with their use, such as storage, maintenance and repairs.

Article 7 – Personal data

The personal data of the tenant that is listed on the contract are processed by Rent A Bike Lelystad within the meaning of the Data Protection Act. On the basis of this processing, Rent A Bike Lelystad can: execute the agreement, provide optimal service, provide the tenant with product information in a timely manner and make personalised offers. Against processing for direct mailing, it is possibly for the purpose of signing tenant Rent A Bike Lelystad.

Article 8 – Reservations, changes and cancellations

1 Reservations can be cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours before the start of the rental period. If the reservation is cancelled within 48 hours before the start of the rental period, Rent A Bike Lelystad is authorised to invoice 50% of the rental price.